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Links & Information

Please find below helpful condo care tips, useful numbers to city offices as well as links to pertinent weather advisory sites servicing Collier County.

A Guide to Getting Settled

Useful Phone Numbers

 SW Florida Aiport: 239-768-1000
Philharmonic Center: 239.597.1900
Naples City Hall: 239-213-1800
Collier County Parks & Rec: 239.353.0404
City of Naples Waste Removal 239.213.4700
NCH Downtown: 239.436.5000
Library Headquarters: 239.593.0334

Litestream: (877) 212-4744
D.L. Bureau: 239.434.4600
Naples Daily Newspaper: 239.263.4839
City Police: 239.213.4814
Main Post Office: 239.435.2146
Florida Power & Light: 239.262.1322
Vehicle Registration: 239.774.8177
Voter Registration: 239.774.8480

Checklist - Leaving Condo

 Set A/C & Humidistat Appropriately

Shut off ALL water valves, including ice-maker line two BR units have 3 cold water shut offs, one hot water shut off and one ice-maker line

one BR units have 2 cold water shut offs, one hot water shut off and one ice-maker line)

Lock all Windows and Doors

Unplug or Turn Breaker Off to All Major Appliances

Advise Post Office of Mail Holding/Forwarding Instructions

Empty Your Refrigerator of Perishables

Disconnect Phone and Cable TV from Outlets

Cancel or Hold Newspaper

Have a Home Watch Service in Place

Advise HLV Management You are Leaving

Condo Maintenance Information

 As a friendly reminder to residents, your individual air conditioning units must be serviced annually.  Because it is a shared community, it is imperative that your air conditioning unit drain lines be cleared at least twice annually.  Due to the high humidity and summers in Florida, a/c units run constantly- causing a large amount of algae to build up in the drain lines.  Individual air conditioning units, as well as the individual drain lines and the interior stand pipe drain area within your utitility closet are the responsibility of the unit owner.  Please do not hesistate to contact the HLV Management office if you have questions.

Please also note the Association does have a "Wind Mitigation" report available.  Providing this to your insurance agent may provide you with discounts on your premium.  To obtain this report or more information, please contact the Hidden Lake Villas' management office.